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Potato News from Mexico

Bokados Expands Presence in Central and Western Mexico
In order to strengthen its presence and better serve its customers and consumers in the Central and Western regions in Mexico, today Bokados - Arca Continental’s snacks brand in Mexico - opened a new Distribution Center in Toluca, México.
Friday, June 28, 2019
Mexico removes tariffs on import frozen potatoes from the United States
President Trump removed the Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico on Friday, May 17. Mexico responded by removing its 20% tariff on frozen potatoes imported from the United States on May 20.
En dos años, PepsiCo Alimentos México contempla crear cerca de 3,000 nuevos empleos
The PepsiCo Mexico System, integrated by PepsiCo Mexico Foods and its strategic partner Grupo Gepp, announced an investment plan of 4 billion dollars in Mexico between 2019 and 2020,which includes the construction of a new Snacks Plant in Guanajuato.
Belgapom brings James Bint and Belgian Fries to Mexico, a growing export market
As the export of frozen Belgian Fries to Mexico skyrockets, Belgapom took the ambassador of Belgian Fries - James Bint - on a recent economic mission to this growing export market
New Mexican potato variety Citlali shows resistance to late blight and zebra chip disease
In Mexico, researchers of the National Forestry, Agriculture, and Livestock Research Institute (INIFAP), part of the Mexican Ministry of agriculture (SAGARPA), have developed a new potato variety, Citlali, with improved tolerance to diseases.
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Desarrollan papa resistente a tizón tardío y punta morada
La selección estuvo a cargo del Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales, Agrícolas y Pecuarias (INIFAP) de México. Además de presentar resistencia a dichas enfermedades, la variedad cumple con los estándares de comercialización.
Saturday, September 8, 2018