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Potato News from New Zealand

Potato Psyllids (Courtesy: Center for Invasive Species Research)
Potatoes New Zealand chief executive Champak Mehta says the industry now has the potato psyllid well under control thanks to the knowledge gained through research.
Bluebird Foods (New Zealand) is recalling batches of its Original Cut potato chips
Bluebird Foods (New Zealand) is recalling batches of its bags of potato chips after finding some may contain plastic pieces.
Aerial view of McCain Foods - Timaru
McCain Foods has installed a new model potato peeler in Timaru, New Zealand. Timaru is the first of the company's factories in the world to use the new model.
New Wyma Tipper Can Unload Both Bins and Bags
The new Wyma Bin and Bag Tipper gently tips fresh produce stored in bags, bins or boxes too heavy for manual unloading.
Crop Rotation trial in New Zealand (Courtesy New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research)
Potatoes New Zealand Inc. has won funding from the Ministry of Primary Industries for a major research project aimed at improving crop yield, more specifically, the impact of crop rotations on soil borne diseases and soil quality.
Heartland Potato Chips benefits from potato shortage New Zealand.
Timaru's Heartland Potato Chips is benefiting from the nationwide potato shortage in New Zealand.