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Potato News from New Zealand

Wyma introduces improved Vege-Polisher
Wyma is proud to present a Vege-Polisher that is smarter, easier to maintain and more hygienic than ever before.
Potatoes New Zealand chief executive Champak Mehta (Courtesy 3 News)
There's a major potato shortage in New Zealand and it's big enough that it's forced chip producers to temporarily stop production in the countdown to Christmas.
Sunday, November 30, 2014
Early potatoes in Pukekohe, New Zealand
Potatoes New Zealand chief executive Champak Mehta said potato growers around the country were reporting that weather conditions were causing a bit a of a harvesting headache - especially getting the delicate new season's potatoes out of the ground safely
New Zealand Potato Production 2014
New Zealand Potato production in 2013, at 525,000 metric tons, was marginally (5%) ahead of 2012 production. t is likely planted areas in 2014 will be similar to 2013, with production in the range of 500,000 to 550,000MT.
McCain Foods (NZ) Limited -Hastings (Courtesy Hawke's Bay Today/Paul Taylor)
About 20 food manufacturing workers at the McCain Foods New Zealand, Hastings plant are expected to lose their jobs. The plant announced to workers a proposal to reduce year-round production of TV dinners to just 10 days per year.
Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Steve Yung
The New Zealand Seafood Processor Sealord is set to name the former managing director of McCain Foods in Australia and New Zealand - Steve Yung - as its new CEO