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Potato News from Colorado

United States Potato Board has a new name: Potatoes USA
During the 44th Annual Meeting of the National Potato Promotion Board, Board Members voted to change its dba (doing business as—business name) from the United States Potato Board, U.S. Potato Board, or USPB, to Potatoes USA
Study: Best Hope for Potassium and Fiber Missing in Children's Diets is the One Vegetable They're Least Likely to Ignore: Potatoes
U.S. children are not consuming enough vegetables, resulting in an inadequate intake of key nutrients, including potassium and dietary fiber, which are important for growth, development and overall health.
Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews Summons Voodoo Fries
Casual dining chain Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Brews introduces taste bud-tingling Voodoo Fries that will leave guests spellbound!
Potato Nutrition ABC - brought to you by the United States Potato Board
Just in time for the back to school season, here is your A to Z guide on potato nutrition, brought to you by the United States Potato Board.
US Potato Board Launches 'Potatoes Raise The Bar' Program
The United States Potato Board (USPB) School Nutrition Program has officially launched to reach the 55.5 million strong, and growing, school students who are part of the “Salad Generation.”
Don Ladhoff
United States Potato Board Chief Marketing Officer, John Toaspern, has issued the following statement regarding the recent news longtime USPB Retail Marketing Consultant, Don Ladhoff, has joined Black Gold Farms after the expiration of his contract with the USPB
Potato recipes to prepare with your kids: Thai Lettuce Cups with Red Curry Potatoes
From soup to strata and everything in between, creative cooking with your kids just got easier! The United States Potato Board (USPB) and The Kids Cook Monday just released 52 Mondays, a potato recipe cookbook for families.
Caitlin Mueller (left) and Renee O’Brien (right) are appointed as Meeting Planner and Assistant Marketing Manager respectively
The United States Potato Board (USPB) is pleased to announce Caitlin Mueller as Meeting Planner and Renee O’Brien as Assistant Marketing Manager, effective April 1, 2015.
Simple cooking method with oil creates heat-stable resistant starch in rice, claim researchers
Scientists have developed a new, simple way to cook rice that could cut the number of calories absorbed by the body by more than half - by transforming part of the soluble amylose in resistant starch.
Price Elasticity varies based on potato variety and packaging size: everyday potatoes and large pack sizes are less elastic (Nielsen Perishables Group Price Elasticity Study 2014)
New research from the United States Potato Board (USPB) reveals the complexity and range of price sensitivities within the potato category.