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Potato News from Michigan

Great Lakes Potato Chip Co offers Purple Blackberry potato chips for its 10 year anniversary
If you are living in Michigan or nearby, Purple potato chips could be on shelves at a grocery store near you this holiday season, thanks to a collaboration between Michigan State University researchers and Traverse City-based Great Lakes Potato Chip Co.
Tuesday, December 10, 2019
David Douches Ph.D. Professor, Director of MSU Potato Breeding and Genetics Program
David Douches, a professor in the Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences and director of the MSU Potato Breeding and Genetics Program, has been at the forefront of the potato’s transition as people get more adventurous with their eating habits.
Better Made Snack Foods Issues Allergy Alert on Original Potato Chips
Better Made Snack Foods Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Milk In 10 Ounce $3.99 Original Potato Chips
Pringles 'flavor-stacking' back at the Super Bowl with depressed Alexa ad
Pringles made its Super Bowl debut in 2018, introducing Americans to the phenomenon 'Flavor Stacking.' This year, the Pringles brand is returning to the Big Game, showcasing a new advertisement in their 'Flavor Stacking' campaign.
Thursday, January 31, 2019
Pringles Thanksgiving dinner chips (turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie flavoured) sell out in no time
Last Thanksgiving, Pringles® launched the Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner. This year, Pringles brought back the favorites from last year. Unfortunately supplies were (too) limited. They were all sold out after only 41 minutes.
Thursday, November 8, 2018
Better Made Potato Chips switches to FAM Centris cutting Technology
After 40 years using the same food-cutting technology supplier, US potato chip producer Better Made needed just a few days to switch to the FAM Centris™ SureSet 16 cutting head product range.
Better Made Potato Chips now available in 14 US States beyond Michigan
Better Made Snack Foods is extending its reach well beyond its home base of Michigan. Its chips and snack products are now available in 14 additional US States.
Tong Engineering opens US office to build on its export success
Tong Engineering, UK manufacturer of advanced potato and vegetable handling equipment, is pleased to announce International expansion with the opening of a new Tong USA spares, service and sales facility based in Fremont, Michigan.
Investigadores estadounidenses rastrean los orígenes de la papa y aprenden sobre su potencial sin explotar
Un equipo de científicos de la Universidad de Michigan ha identificado a los antepasados de la papa. Con esta información esperan comprender cómo se domesticó y cómo evolucionó su ADN a lo largo del tiempo.
Friday, December 15, 2017
QSR chain  Arby`s is testing a massive sandwich stuffed with curly fries: the Arbynator
Arby`s is testing a massive sandwich stuffed with curly fries: the Arbynator