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Potato News from Wisconsin

The Little Potato Company celebrates the construction of their new plant in a big way
The Little Potato Company celebrated construction of its first U.S. plant June 29 in DeForest. The new $20 million, 130,000-square-foot plant, which is being built by Minneapolis-based Ryan Companies, is scheduled to open in January 2017.
The Little Potato Company plans a new US Head Office and Plant in Wisconsin
The Little Potato Company announces its plan to set up a new $20 million US Head Office and processing facility in DeForest near Madison, Wisconsin.
Descubren un marcador molecular del calcio en la papa
Investigadores estadounidenses de la USDA-ARS y la Universidad de Winsconsin-Madison encontraron una papa silvestre con siete veces más calcio que las papas que acostumbramos a ver en los supermercados.
Friday, April 1, 2016
Molecular Marker for high Calcium trait can help breeding better potato varietes
Researchers discovered that in a wild variety of potato (Solanum Microdontum) Calcium levels are about seven times higher than in a regular potato. They developed a molecular marker to facilitate the transfer of the high Calcium trait to newly bred potato varieties.
Okray Farms receives NPC's 2015 Environmental Stewardship Award
Okray Family Farms in Plover, Wisconsin, were named the recipients of the prestigious 2015 Environmental Stewardship Award during the National Potato Council’s (NPC) 2016 Annual Meeting, held January 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Wisconsin Potato Growers looking to the Future
Twenty potato growers from all over the Wisconsin converged on Madison last week for their annual “grill the professors” ritual.
RPE becomes exclusive marketer for Discovery Garden’s gourmet potatoes
RPE Inc., announces their partnership with Discovery Garden’s. RPE will now act as the exclusive marketing partner for Discovery Garden’s brand of gourmet potatoes.
Fire at Kettle Foods Beloit limited to fryer vat
A fire in a centrifugal cooking vat in the Kettle Foods potato chips factory in Beloit caused no injuries but about USD 170.000 damage in contents
Alsum Farms Microwave-Ready Potatoes with Olive oil and Seasoning named finalist in the PMA Impact Award Excellence in Packaging
Alsum Farms & Produce Inc. has been named a finalist in the PMA Impact Award Excellence in Packaging for their innovation with Fast & Fresh! 12 oz. Microwave-Ready Potatoes with Olive oil and Seasoning product line.
RPE to Launch New Potato Varieties This Fall
RPE Inc., has announced the addition of six new varieties of potatoes being released this fall.