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The FAO Food Price Index rebounded in 2017 despite a decline in December
The FAO Food Price Index (FFPI) averaged 169.8 points in December 2017, down 5.8 points (3.3 percent) from November with the steepest declines registered in the prices of dairy, vegetable oils and sugar while those of cereals and meat also fell but only slightly.
Sunday, January 14, 2018
Afghanistan: Demand for local Mr. Kachaloo Potato Chips exceeds production capacity
A startup in Afghanistan is working hard to produce its Mr. Kachaloo Potato Chips, mostly by hand. The company currently sells two tonnes of potato crisps a month - but they could sell more...
Struggling Potato Growers in Kenya turn to Contract Farming
To deal with climate pressures, potato growers in Kenya are turning to contract farming to earn more money and get better seed.
Sunday, January 14, 2018
District officials in Uganda urged to embrace Irish potato tissue culture
District Agricultural officers in Uganda have been urged to embrace Irish potato tissue culture so as to improve the quality and quantity of Irish potato production, which is one of the best foods to fight hunger.
Sunday, January 14, 2018
Termina el paro en Perú pero cuestionan la solución del Gobierno
Después que el Gobierno se comprometiera a adquirir el excedente de la producción, los productores de papa terminaron el paro iniciado 72 horas antes. Sin embargo, el Instituto Peruano de Economía y otros especialistas critican esta medida.
Saturday, January 13, 2018
Japanese Fast Food Chain puts French Fry Ice Cream Sundaes on the Menu
Japanese Fast food chain 'First Kitchen' launch two types of 'Dessert Potato' nationwide. Both dishes start with French fries with a swirl of Hokkaido dairy-sourced vanilla ice cream finished with two types of toppings...
When pests graze certain potatoes, yields double
When some Colombian potato varieties are lightly grazed by a pest, the plants respond by growing larger tubers, at times doubling their yields. Researchers see an opportunity and want to know more...
Lunchtime is over for the Colorado potato beetle
Chemicals in the leaves of potato plants, produced naturally by the plant, may hold the key to a new way to control Colorado potato beetles - a major pest for potato growers.
Saturday, January 13, 2018