<em>Edit News</em> Mass food production fuels growth in the US$4 billion Middle East &amp; African flexible packaging market
December 17, 2013
A new report from PCI Films Consulting forecasts that flexible packaging demand in the Middle East and Africa will grow by around 5% p.a. over the next five years as confidence in the region’s growing economy encourages inward investment and greater em...
July 13, 2012
Russia has discovered brown rot in a shipment of potatoes imported from Egypt, threatening to halt trade of the crop between the two countries, an Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture official said Wednesday
April 11, 2012
Egypt threatened on Tuesday to take retaliatory measures against Russia if it keeps a ban on Egyptian potato imports.
June 14, 2011
Egypt and Russia have agreed to resume Egyptian potato imports to Russia starting with the next season, according to Egyptian Agriculture Minister Ayman Farid Abul Hadid.
February 11, 2011
Er heerst opluchting in de pootgoedhandel. De export op Noord-Afrika en Egypte is zo goed als gedaan en heeft hierdoor geen belemmeringen ondervonden in verband met de onrust in deze gebieden.
May 13, 2010
The European Union has agreed to import unlimited amounts of Egyptian potatoes duty-free starting in June. Since the beginning of this year, Egypt has exported a total of 261,108 tons of potatoes, of which 171,223 tons went to the EU and 90,000 tons t...
March 15, 2010
This week Fresh-Produce bv in Waalwijk received the first Egyptian potatoes. According to Harold Loonen of Fresh-Produce the quality is very good.   &quot;Supply is going to be big. I expect to import more Egyptian potatoes than in previous years. It...
December 16, 2009
The Commission has given permission to import Egyptian potatoes to the EU during the import season 2009/2010. This although shipments were confiscated last year because of contamination with Pseudomonas solanacearum.   During the last import season 6...
September 04, 2009
Potatoes are once again a hot topic of contention between Egypt and the European Union. A couple of weeks ago, following the discovery of some cases of brown rot, the EU decided to impose a ban on Egyptian potato exports. An Egyptian-EU agreement stipu...
January 23, 2009
The Egyptian potato sector has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with the UK for a number of years. Traditionally, the UK receives new-season, high-quality new potatoes throughout the winter months and in return, Egyptian producers are rewarde...
October 22, 2008
Egypt may already have the magic ingredient to ease the pressures of a growing population and rising food prices: the Potato.In Egypt, those who know potatoes say that the lowly, oft-mocked crop could feed the hungry and pump cash into the economy. Big...