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Potato exporters from Algeria stuck for days at the Tunisian border

Potato exporters from Algeria stuck for days at the Tunisian border

August 21, 2016
Algerian potato exporters are still having trouble at the border crossing Tebessa between Algeria and Tunisia. Tunisian customs do not allow trucks carrying tons of potatoes to enter Tunisia although all the legal procedures are completed.

Dutch potatoes a headache for Tunisian farmers

June 02, 2010
The humble Dutch potato is at the centre of a major row in Tunisia as farmers say potatoes imported from the Netherlands are so cheap that local production is being undermined.   Mustafa Ben Jamaila from the Tunisian Potato Producer's League complains ...

Tunisia Potato exports on the rise

February 13, 2010
Potato exports of Tunisia increased on average by 9.5% annually since 2006, according to figures released by APIA (Tunisian Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency) at Fruit Logistica.

Tunisian Chips made from smuggled Algerian potatoes

August 16, 2007
An attempt to smuggle 100 tons of potatoes to Tunisia has been outmanoeuvred, while 200 tons were smuggled since the beginning of 2007 to “Potato Chips” factories there. Security services statistics reveal, however, that more than 200 tons might have b...


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