Mongolia fully self-sufficient for wheat and potato, says agriculture minister
August 28, 2020
The Agricultural Minister of Mongolia, Zagdjav Mendsaikhan said the Asian country is expected to harvest 487,600 tons of wheat and 237,000 tons of potato this autumn
Mongolia says it can fully secure domestic demand for potato, wheat
November 07, 2018
Mongolia can now fully secure its domestic demand for wheat and potatoes, the country's Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry said Monday.
Potato Prices in Mongolia increase 21% in the last three weeks
August 13, 2015
Potato Prices in Mongolia spike as the country switches to the new potato crop.
Potato field in Mongolia (Tuv province)
September 01, 2014
In Mongolia, Tuv Province’s Jargalant soum is set to launch potato starch and chips factories next year to reduce waste and increase profit in the region.