Naturebind 1341 for use in low fat spreads
October 07, 2013
KMC launches a new clean label potato starch developed for use in low fat spreads: NatureBind 1341
Potato Protein helpful against diarrhea in young pigs?
April 25, 2013
Scientists from Aarhus University have tested whether extract of potato protein could be used to prevent scours (diarrhea) in young pigs – but the results produced by a foreign research group turned out to be non-reproducible.
 Bjarne Larsen KMC (Kartoffelmelcentralen)
January 08, 2013
At the beginning of 2013, Danish Potato Starch Manufacturer KMC offers their view on the starch supply situation in the new year:
 Peter Petersen
December 12, 2012
Last month, Danish potato starch manufacturer KMC reported strong financial performance of the company.
November 10, 2012
The Danish government has said it intends to abolish a tax on foods which are high in saturated fats.
November 05, 2012
Ekko Holding ApS (EKKO), based in Vejle Denmark, has acquired 100 percent of the shares in Oy FORMIT Foodprocessing Ab (FORMIT), based in Finland on Oktober 10, 2012.
 Visit to KMC (Kartoffelmelcentralen)
September 17, 2012
The Danish Agriculture and Food Council had on September 10 invited a large number of directors and senior officials from the Danish ministries to visit some of the leading companies within the agricultural and food industries. The purpose of these vi...
 Glazed bakery products
September 04, 2012
KMC launches a new cost-effective and non-allergenic alternative to traditional egg wash and dairy-based bakery glaze. The new KMC GlazeMaker 25 provides superior shine and excellent adhesion.
 late blight affected potato plant
May 08, 2012
The decision support system “Blight Management” (“Skimmelstyring”) could in the future give Danish potato growers more effective control of potato late blight and reduce the use of fungicides.
FORMIT en EKKO komen met nieuwe generatie schilmachines
February 12, 2012
FORMIT is actief in de ontwikkeling, productie en marketing van schilmachines sinds 1980 en hebben met de jaren een internationaal klantenbestand opgebouwd. EKKO werd opgericht in 1979 en is sindsdien een van de toonaangevende bedrijven in Europa voor ...
 Bjarne Larsen
February 06, 2012
Chief Commercial Officer Bjarne Larsen of Potato Starch manufacturer KMC gives his expectations for the 2012 potato starch market. The 2011/2012 potato starch production year started with totally empty carry-over stocks due to the poor harvest last ye...
 Martin Arvad
November 15, 2011
At KMC’s annual general meeting on 11 November 2011 Chairman Martin Arvad was very pleased to present a historically strong result. The result represented a highly positive development compared to last year’s result. After several years of investment ...