Exploring Inspection: The journey to Quality Assurance
October 10, 2017
Equipment manufacturer Heat and Control offers PotatoPro readers an overview of the increase in innovative technology that now provides systems that can not only detect, but can also operate simply, efficiently, and at high speed while collecting data to provide a transparency previously unachievable.
Durante un año, comió solo papas todos los días: estos son los resultados
September 27, 2017
"Hacé que tu comida sea aburrida y tu vida será interesante", se lo escucha decir a Andrew Flinders Taylor en uno de los videos de Youtube en los que documentó su increíble transformación. El australiano se planteó un insólito desafío: comer durante todo un año solo papas. Es decir, comer papas todos los días. Papas, como su único alimento.
Manufacturers Guide to Cleaning your Industrial Fryer
September 25, 2017
Fryer manufacturer Heat and Control presents a generic fryer cleaning guide which - although basic in form - can be applied to most industrial fryers.
tna Strengthens North American Operations With Appointment Of New General Manager
September 24, 2017
Processing and packaging manufacturer tna has appointed Steven Wolfe as new general manager for North America.
Potatoes South Australia to develop vodka from waste potato peel
September 21, 2017
In an effort to combat food waste, Potatoes South Australia has teamed up with the University of Adelaide and Adelaide Hills Distillery to make vodka from potato skins.
tna launches new turnkey blending system for dry or wet products
September 15, 2017
tna has launched a new turnkey vibratory motion blending system to accurately mix multiple dry or wet products, the tna roflo® VMBS 3.
Upgrade of the McCain Foods Ballarat factory will result in less jobs
September 07, 2017
As a result of the upgrade and capacity expansion of the McCain Foods French fry factory in Ballarat, the level of automation will increase. This means the company will have to lay off about 20 of their employees.
Only a matter of time before the potato psyllid arrives in East Australia, says researcher
September 05, 2017
Raylea Rowbottom, a researcher of the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture says it's inevitable that the potato psyllid, a destructive insect that has threatened tomato and potato crops in Western Australia will make it to the east coast.
tna’s new energy-efficient freezer fan design reduces energy consumption for a more sustainable french fry production
August 31, 2017
Processing and Packaging Equipment manufacturer tna has introduced a new energy-efficient fan design for its Ferguson ener-freeze® FFV 3 to reduce energy consumption by more than 30%
Los fabricantes de papas fritas tienen ahora una solución de congelamiento más asequible y sostenible
August 31, 2017
tna ha presentado el nuevo diseño del ventilador de congelador de bajo consumo para su Ferguson ener-freeze® FFV 3 y así reducir los costos energéticos en más del 30 %.
August 18, 2017
Presentado con un diseño elegante, limpio y moderno, el nuevo sitio web es totalmente compatible con los navegadores y dispositivos móviles actuales. El extenso portafolio de productos y servicios integrados de tna es fácilmente accesible a través de nuevos mega-menús, lo que facilita que los visitantes encuentren la solución adecuada en tan sólo unos clics.
Vertically integrated seed potato supplier Agronico expands storage capacity
August 07, 2017
After 6 months building (and over 8 years in planning) Agronico has opened its new seed potato storage in Spreyton, Tasmania.