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Beidahuang Potato Group Co., Ltd.

Beidahuang Potato Group Co., Ltd. is one of the 15 subsidiaries of Beidahuang Group. It can produce 10m minitubers and process 700,000 t of potato and 240,000 t of cassava annually.

Daxinganlin Xingjia Seed Co., Ltd.

Daxinganling Xingjia Seed Industry Co., Ltd. is an export oriented Chinese seed potato company.

Jiamusi City Agriculture Committee

Agriculture (data from the 2000 version of the telecommunications yellow pages, accuracy is very low, for reference only)

McCain Foods China - Harbin

In China, McCain Foods is the industry leader in the production of French fries. McCain established a state of the art french fry production plant in China in 2004. The plant is located in Harbin, Heilongjiang.

Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU)

Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU) is a high-ranking agricultural university in China, which is specialized in agricultural science and focused on life science and food science.


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