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Arjan de Rooij and Annelous Groenwold

Offering faster prospects for potato growers in uncertain times

november 25, 2022
Now that growers and managers can meet again in person, serious concerns are being shared by AVEBE Potato growers. That is the conclusion of Members’ Council member Annelous Groenwold and Agro Director Arjan de Rooij.
Lamb Weston launches Sergio Herman's Frites Atelier-Frites for the catering segment

Lamb Weston launches Sergio Herman's Atelier-Frites for the catering segment

november 24, 2022
Lamb Weston is launching a new potato product in the Netherlands and Belgium in collaboration with Sergio Herman: Atelier-Frites . The product is intended for chefs who want to serve french fries of the same high quality as their meat, fish or vegetarian dishes.
Potato sack

In the Netherlands, 7 supermarkets sign up for 100% robust potatoes in an organic range

november 19, 2022
In the Netherlands, 31 parties in the table potato chain sign a covenant in which they commit to switch completely to organic robust potato varieties, including 7 supermarkets.
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FAM Tridis™ 240P

FAM, Stumabo and Kiremko start global partnership focused on industrial potato cutting

november 16, 2022
Kiremko, manufacturer of turnkey potato processing lines and FAM Stumabo, worldwide known for their progressive industrial potato cutting solutions and innovative shapes produced through hydrocutting systems, have entered a long-term global partnership.
Agrico presented nine new varieties at the variety show

Agrico presents nine new potato varieties at its variety show

november 13, 2022
On 10 and 11 November, Agrico held its annual variety and seedling show at Agrico Research in Bant. During the show no fewer than nine new varieties were presented.
Water purification VAM Watertech

Greydanus zet stappen in verder automatiseren en verduurzamen van wasproces

november 08, 2022
Tien jaar geleden investeerde Greydanus in een complete waterzuiveringsinstallatie voor het wassen van aardappelen met gezuiverd water. De aardappelgroothandel verbruikt daardoor veel minder water.
Joost van Regteren Chief Commercial Officer at joins Solynta

Joost van Regteren joins Solynta as Chief Commercial Officer

november 05, 2022
In this new position, Joost will be responsible for the downstream part of Solynta, leading product management, commercial and go to market strategies.
HZPC Potato Days 2022

HZPC Potato Days 2022: No Time To Waste for future-proof potato growing

oktober 31, 2022
On 9, 10 and 11 November, HZPC will open its doors in Joure – and online – to anyone with a passion for potatoes. During Potato Days 2022, they will discuss the challenges of food security and sustainability, now and in the future.
Tolsma-Grisnich Ventilation

Tolsma Grisnich helps you make your potato storage ventilation cost-effective

oktober 31, 2022
Ventilation costs a lot of electricity and has become pricey now that energy prices are going through the roof. One stroke of luck is that the latest generation of fans is much more energy efficient.
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The benefits of potato ingredients in pet food

The benefits of potato ingredients in pet food

oktober 19, 2022
Duynie Ingredients is part of Duynie Group. Europe’s largest company active in the valorisation of co-products. Within Duynie Group, they have more than 50 years of experience in taking care of potato products.
New International Alliance for Regenerative Agriculture Wants to Reward All Positive Impacts

New International Alliance for Regenerative Agriculture Wants to Reward All Positive Impacts

oktober 14, 2022
Regenerative is hot. The European Commission wants more regenerative agriculture in Europe in 2030, supporting ecosystem recovery and increasing carbon capture in the soil. However, financial incentives are still lacking.
Optical grading has had a future for years

Optical grading: 'It's the best way to grade potatoes'

oktober 13, 2022
The Smart Grader is an optical grader that uses advanced camera technology. It sorts by size, shape, and visible characteristics like cracks, green areas, bumps, and scab and wireworm damage.


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