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Presenting Mr. Shaban Nahar & the top management team from Beirut Erbil company for potato products

Advancing Iraq's Agricultural Value Chain: Beirut Erbil Company Hosts Event with EU Commission Representation

mei 11, 2023
Under the umbrella of the Strengthening the Agriculture and Agri-food Value Chain and Improving Trade Policy in Iraq (SAAVI ) and Under the auspices of the Commission of the European Union and in the presence of Ms. Barbara Egger, Chairperson of the Cooperation Committee of the European Commission in Iraq
Early potato harvest

Potato planting in Castilla y Leon reaches its final stretch and it's possible yields fall

mei 10, 2023
The sowing campaign, which started on February 20 with the planting of the short-cycle varieties, has reached its final stretch in the later areas of Leon, Burgos, and Segovia.
Andalusian new potato

La producción de patata nueva andaluza se reduce cerca del 35 porciento

mei 10, 2023
La campaña de recolección de patata nueva temprana de Andalucía, principal comunidad productora y exportadora, comienza en estos días en las provincias de Sevilla, Córdoba y Cádiz con unas previsiones de producción de entre el 25 y 35 por ciento menos respecto a la campaña del año anterior.
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Bühler facility

Bühler launches new 24/7 service center in North America aimed at securing operations for food processors.

mei 10, 2023
The new Customer Operations Center and its RemoteCare offering provides around the clock support for the company’s food producing customers, minimizing the effects of unplanned shutdowns and improving uptime.
This Mother's Day, McCain is on a mission to celebrate the moms who bring us together by getting them in more family photos.

This Mother's Day, McCain Foods Canada is on a mission to celebrate the moms who bring us together by getting them in more family photos.

mei 10, 2023
84% of Canadian moms say they're the ones responsible for taking family photos, which often means they're not able to be in the pictures themselves. So McCain is helping partners and kids to 'Put Mom in the Picture'.
workers select potatoes after washing

Pafritas se nutre de patata de diferentes zonas

mei 09, 2023
Aunque la patata que se produce en La Rioja tiene como destino principal el uso industrial y muy poca llega hasta el mercado de fresco, la empresa riojana Pafritas no puede acudir a los campos riojanos para abastecerse porque no hay producción suficiente, y especialmente, no la hay de forma continuada a lo largo del año.
2023 CPMA Convention and Trade Show

Canadian Produce Marketing Association Convention and Trade Show (CPMA 2023) sets records

mei 09, 2023
The 2023 Canadian Produce Marketing Association Convention and Trade Show (CPMA 2023) held last week in Toronto is CPMA’s biggest show in its history with over 4200 people attending the event.
Take a tour of the Bluebird chips South Auckland factory.

New Zealand potato chips manufacturer Bluebird bags USD 66m for expansion

mei 09, 2023
New Zealand potato chips manufacturer Bluebird says its parent company PepsiCo has invested over USD 66 million into the development of its Auckland factory, with a USD 26m-plus vending machine packing machine under construction.
Francisco Moya

Francisco Moya, presidente de CNIPT: “Las necesidades de patata en el mundo son muy altas”

mei 08, 2023
Hombre de consensos, firme defensor y creyente de las actuaciones a nivel de conjunto, Moya tomó el relevo de la presidencia del CNIPT a finales de 2022.
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The workers in a potato warehouse before distribution to various regions.

Expanding Potato cultivation on Sumatra, Indonesia cause for environmental concerns

mei 08, 2023
Expanding cultivation of potatoes on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island infringes on Kerinci Seblat National Park, the largest protected area on Sumatra and one of the last refuges of the Sumatran tiger, Sumatran elephant and the Sunda clouded leopard.
Santiago Domínguez

Santiago Domínguez: one of the largest potato producers in Spain

mei 08, 2023
The farmer Santiago Domínguez from Valladolid, achieves everything he proposes after experiencing it firsthand, he has also been a grape harvester and now has a winery: 'The secret is to suffer it, fight it and learn it'
New Red Lentil Snacks Bring a Flavor Punch to Snack Time

Harvest Snaps launches a fiery baked Red Lentil Snack

mei 08, 2023
Harvest Snaps is heating up the salty snack aisle with new Crunchy Loops Hot & Spicy. Now available exclusively at Walmart locations nationwide, the ring-shaped snacks feature a complex blend of spices that deliver a fiery kick in every crunchtastic bite.


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