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Potatoes, fresh from the field, bump onto a belt before being transferred to a storage shed outside of Boardman, Oregon.

Too much potatoes for French Fries in Pacific Northwest

oktober 31, 2023
About 5,000 loaded-down semi-trucks of really nice Northwest french-fry-making potatoes are set to plop into cattle troughs or be destroyed. Dale Lathim is the President of the Potato Marketing Association of North America
Enigma research helps growers tackle wireworm damage

Enigma research helps potato growers tackle wireworm damage

oktober 31, 2023
The Fera-led R&D project, Enigma I, is reporting impressive results halfway through its investigation into sustainable wireworm control – a pest issue causing significant annual yield losses in root vegetable and salad crops.
Organic potatoes in the field

Big increase in United States potato crop expected

oktober 31, 2023
Last month, the North American Potato Market News (NAPMN) projected the US 2023 potato crop to come in at 429.6 million hundredweight (cwt), more than 37 million cwt more than last year's unusually small crop.
Potatoes in retail

Potato Market Update 25th October - Irish Farmers' Association

oktober 30, 2023
Home consumption and retail sales continue to prosper with the current weather conditions increasing demand.
There’s a New Type of Potato in Stores That’s So Creamy You Don’t Even Need Butter

New Organic Potato brand available at Whole Foods in the North-East United States: Upstate Abundance

oktober 30, 2023
If you’re looking to up your potato game this holiday season, you’re in luck. There’s a new potato variety in town, and it’s said to be so creamy that you don’t need to add butter, cream, or anything else to dress it up - it’s delicious right from the field.
Scott Anderson, science co-ordinator for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's research station in Harrington, came up with the name for the 'Plowdown Challenge.'

Scientist challenges farmers to guess the yield of potato field grown without fertilizers

oktober 30, 2023
A scientist from Prince Edward Island has issued a challenge to Island farmers: Guess the yield of a potato field grown using only fertilizer left over from last year's crop.
FoodeQ presents CentreQ - A unique monitoring system for vibratory conveyors

AURA Oil Recovery and CentreQ Measurement System by FoodeQ Transforming French Fry Production

oktober 30, 2023
AURA® oil recovery systems and CentreQ® unit measurement and control systems are the innovations by FoodeQ that are gaining rapid adoption, revolutionizing the industry and contributing to healthier, cost-effective, and more efficient French fry production.
BEPPCO Both in 'Our Industry, Our Identity' exhibition in Mosul, Iraq!BEPPCO Both in 'Our Industry, Our Identity' exhibition in Mosul, Iraq!

Beirut Erbil for Potato Products company participates in 'Our Industry, Our Identity' exhibition in Mosul, Iraq!

oktober 26, 2023
In the presence of the Governor of Nineveh and the Turkish Consul, the second edition of 'Our Industry, Our Identity' exhibition opened in Mosul.
UK farmers warn of rotting crops after Storm Babet flooding

UK farmers warn of rotting crops after Storm Babet flooding

oktober 26, 2023
Potato and cereal crops are likely to have been heavily damaged by the recent devastating floods across the United Kingdom, farmers have warned.
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El precio de la papa en Ecuador aumentó más de un 30% en el último mes

El precio de la papa en Ecuador aumentó más de un 30% en el último mes

oktober 25, 2023
Según el listado de precios del mercado Mayorista de Ambato, el precio de la papa aumento entre un 30% y hasta un 50%—dependiendo de la variedad—en el último mes.
Peru: Reduction in planted area due to lack of rainfall.

Perú: reducción en el área sembrada debido a la falta de lluvias

oktober 24, 2023
La campaña de siembra 2023/24 en Peru comenzó con una reducción considerable en el área con respecto a años anteriores
FPS Food Process Solutions partners with Opticept to develop PEF technology for solid foods

FPS Food Process Solutions partners with Opticept to develop Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology for solid food processing

oktober 24, 2023
Equipment manufacturer FPS Food Process Solutions has entered a partnership with OptiCept for PEF Technologies. OptiCept’s PEF application for solid foods (JÖRD) will be further developed jointly. In the collaboration, OptiCept will deliver CEPT generators and FPS will deliver the system that handles and processes the products.


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