Nedato - Jumbo Bags
The jumbo bag is the ideal large packaging solution for potato import packaging plants. Nedato offers jumbo bags of 1000 or 1250 kg.
Dewulf CP 62 Xtreme Miedema cup planter
De CP 62 Xtreme is een getrokken 6-rijige bekerpootmachine met hoge prestaties. De machine is leverbaar met een ruime keuze aan opties en is eenvoudig af te stemmen op uw specifieke wensen.
Potato Storage Concept with Mechanical Ventilation Only
ENGIE Refrigeration has developed a storage system entirely based on mechanical refrigeration, which allows maintaining the same storage conditions throughout the year.
Dewulf SB 1051 Receiving hopper of 14-16 m³
De SB 1051 is een grote, eenvoudige stortbunker met een bunkerinhoud van 14-16 m³. Ze beschikt over een 2 meter brede en 4,5 meter lange productvriendelijke bunkervloer wat haar een echte capaciteitsmachine maakt.
Puma 3
Potato machine constructor AVR is introducing the new Puma 3, a four-row potato harvester and the family's summit of efficiency.
Simon's Steam'R
Selfpropelled soil disinfection machine with steam 'Steam'R'
Grimme EVO 290 AirSep
The Grimme EVO 290 AirSep is the worlds first bunker harvester with Airsep, a patented separation device.
PomAgro Haspargit®
Haspargit® is the brand name of a unique assortment of fertilisers produced and sold by Pomagro NV consisting of by-products of the sugar, agriculture, and horticulture industries.
TG Automatic Boxfiller-18
The fully automated box-filler of Tolsma-Grisnich is expanded with a box stacker and a box filler. This drastically reduces the number of truck movements required and increases the capacity,
Amazone UX 01 Super
AMAZONE UX 01 Super - a new generation sprayers