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    Tummers Cutting line Sieve Bend
    Cutting line Sieve Bend
    The Tummers Cutting line Sieve Bend is designed as multifunctional stainless steel sieve for the separation of moisture, sludge and waste from the product. In the sieve bend, product and water are quietly guided over the top point of the sieve.
    Tummers Delta Roller Spreader
    Delta Roller Spreader
    The Tummers Delta Roller Spreader is commonly used to feed potatoes from the outfeed of a screw conveyor to a wide sorter but is suitable for a wide variety of food products.
    Tummers French Fries Line
    French Fries Line
    Tummers Food Processing Solutions has built up extensive knowledge of potatoes as a raw material and the best methods for processing them.
    tna - oil & flavour spray system intelli-flav® CLO 3
    Oil & flavour spray system intelli-flav® CLO 3
    tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 oil and flavour are spray systems for the application of oil and injected flavour, or just oil, requiring no mixing tanks and leaving minimal flavour residue.
    tna - roflo® vibratory motion distribution conveyor VM 3
    Roflo® vibratory motion distribution conveyor VM 3
    tna roflo® VM 3 is a conveying system that moves product via vibratory motion.
    Rosenqvists Frying Systems for Nuts
    Frying Systems for Nuts
    The Rosenqvists Nut frying systems are suitable for all types of nuts and seeds. The fryer is excellent for coated nuts. Depending on the final product, the frying system is equipped with a suitable type of belt
    Kiremko Primary Oil Filter
    Primary Oil Filter
    The Primary Oil Filter filters the oil of an entire frying system, making sure the oil is clean and crumb-free. With the very narrow pass, the POF provides a better result than most other filters installed in this part of a processing line.
    FAM SureSet 16P Cutting Head
    SureSet 16P Cutting Head
    The SureSet 16 Cutting Head is FAM's latest solution for high capacity slicing, such as in the production of potato chips
    tna - Florigo atmospheric continuous frying system conti-pro® DAL 3
    Florigo atmospheric continuous frying system conti-pro® DAL 3
    Florigo conti-pro® DAL 3 is a continuous dal frying system that features a product transport system that increases product quality while reducing product loss.
    Idaho Steel Potato Flake Line
    Potato Flake Line
    Idaho Steel along with its strategic partners, Kiremko, Reyco, and others, is one of the few partnerships in the world that offer a complete potato flake line.


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