Dewulf Kwatro Xtreme Sieving Harvester
Voor telers die poten op 4 x 90 cm of gewassen - zoals aardappelen - telen op bedden van 1800 mm, heeft Dewulf de Kwatro Xtreme ontwikkeld. Deze rooier bestaat uit een opeenvolging van een korte zeefband 1, zeefband 2 en zeefband 3.
Idaho Steel Nex-Gem Rotary Former
The Nex-Gem Rotary Former is the ideal workhorse for your production of potato patties, using state of the art controls, product change out, and automated Wash-in-Place.
Wyma Hedgehog Top Remover
The Wyma Hedgehog Top Remover removes carrot tops, loose dirt and leaves, etc from produce flow. Produce and debris are fed onto the upwardly rotating belt.
Kiremko PeelGuard
The PeelGuard collects data on the peeled product such as size, defects and peel removed and can also optimize the settings of the steampeeler
BluePrint Automation Gravity 100r
The BluePrint Automation Gravity 100r case packs a wide variety of rugged products directly into the secondary container; ideal for bags of fresh or frozen vegetables, IQF chicken/beef and a wide variety of other flexible packages!
Wyma Creep Feed Hopper
Wyma's Creep Feed Hopper receives, stores, and conveys dirty produce that has a high level of dirt and clods. Wyma's Creep Feed Hopper is a dry hopper. It receives wet or dry produce with a high level of dirt and clods, allows for fast unloading and changeover time without starving your line of produce, and provides produce buffering.
Autosatmover- Fully Automated
If you require maximum storage density, higher throughput, and increased redundancy over traditional Crane Systems this can be the right solution for your company. A Fully Automated Solution controlled by Automha Software, that doesn't require batteries or hydraulics, has become the most popular type of Deep-Lane, Fully Automated option in Freezers on the planet.
Insort Sherlock AIR
The sophisticated precision Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) of this sorter means the Sherlock AIR delivers high quality optical
sorting for all small food products.
Dewulf PGS Seed potato cutter
De Miedema-pootgoedsnijder snijdt pootgoed zonder de kwaliteit van het product aan te tasten. Scherpe messen uit roestvrijstaal, die continue ontsmet worden tijdens werking, zorgen voor een glad snijvlak.