Martin Lishman - Potato Hot Box
The Potato Hot Box is an economic bruise testing device that assists with crop assessment on-farm before the potatoes go into store or for processing
FoodeQ Eqlipse dosing vibratory conveyor
The FoodeQ Eqlipse is a dosing vibratory conveyor combined with a single head weigher, designed to turn bulk into batches with a high accuracy.
tna - Florigo atmospheric continuous frying system conti-pro® FF 3
Florigo conti-pro® FF 3 is a French fries frying system designed with a process intended to boost the efficiency of your production line.
TG Automatic Boxfiller-18
The fully automated box-filler of Tolsma-Grisnich is expanded with a box stacker and a box filler. This drastically reduces the number of truck movements required and increases the capacity,
Weight in Water Digital Balance
The best and most convenient way to measure dry matter content of your potatoes.
Dewulf Structural 30 planter
De Structural 30 is een gedragen of getrokken 3-rijige snarenbedpootmachine die standaard 3 rijen in een aardappelbed poot. De pootmachine is uitgerust met tal van innovatieve features die het poten aangenamer maken voor de teler.
GEA SmartPacker CX400
GEA SmartPacker's continuous film transport system ensures optimal tracking for high-speed operation
The FoodeQ Eqlipse is designed to turn bulk into batches with a high accuracy.
tna - Florigo water cutting system clear-cut® SWM 3
Florigo clear-cut® SWM 3 is an efficient water cutting system that is able to handle a variety of cutting styles for potatoes – all while eliminating product damage.
Dewulf PGS Seed potato cutter
De Miedema-pootgoedsnijder snijdt pootgoed zonder de kwaliteit van het product aan te tasten. Scherpe messen uit roestvrijstaal, die continue ontsmet worden tijdens werking, zorgen voor een glad snijvlak.