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Wyma Medium Potato Line
Medium Potato Line
Medium Potato line is a 25-ton line which has two receiving options. Produce may be received directly from a field harvest truck or via storage bins using an Electric Bin Tipper.
VDH Concept BV I'm Green
I'm Green
To obtain a sustainable product and take full advantage of the quality of the product and its shelf life, VDH Packaging Creations and its suppliers developed the ‘I’m Green’ flexible film for the food sector.
New net packaging completely recycable!
KRONEN - GKS LEAF Packaging Machine
LEAF Packaging Machine
To meet present environmental requirements, GKS Packaging - partner of KRONEN - has developed a completely new vertical form, fill and seal machine for producing paper pillow and stand-up bags
VHM Machinery VHM Box Logistics
VHM Box Logistics
VHM introduces VHM Box Logistics at the Interpom: a modular system for automated box logistics. With shuttles, lifts, turntables, roller conveyors, and transit conveyors, a forklift-free routing of the box can be custom-made.
VDH Concept SQ Pack
SQ Pack
VDH Concept, a Belgian company specialized in retail packaging for potatoes, vegetables and fruit, has recently introduced SQ Pack, packaging with a net structure perforation.


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