Crop Care Consulting offers a range of measurement and consultancy services to farmers. The company is specialized in services related to precision farming.
Keystone Potato Producers Association (KPPA) is the processing potato producer organization for Manitoba (Canada).
Kroeker Farms Limited is a family owned farm in Manitoba, Canada.
Manitoba Starch Products is the leading manufacturer of potato starch in Canada. The company is located near Carberry Manitoba, in the heart of Canada and western Canadian potato production.  The starch is extracted from (GMO-free) potatoes processed by Manitoba potato processing companies.
MSPrebiotic delivers a high concentration of prebiotic resistant starch. This patented natural prebiotic comes from gently dried, peeled potatoes, labeled as dietary fiber and is grown, processed and packaged in Canada.
Naleway Foods is the largest processor of perogies in Canada
Peak of the Market is a grower-owned "not for profit" vegetable supplier and operates in Manitoba under the Farm Products Marketing Act.
The Mission of the Potato Marketing Association of North America is to gather information pertaining to bargaining and the potato industry, on a North American level.
Precision Weather Solutions Inc. is a Weather Tracker manufacturer based out of Canada.
The Seed Potato Growers Association of Manitoba (SPGAM) is the organization representing seed potato farms in Manitoba, Canada.