Kaida is a Chinese company manufacturing processed fruit and potato products. The company incorporates the complete product value chain including R&D, farming, post- harvest processing and sales.
Kanaan is a company in Croatia manufacturing potato chips and a range of other savory snacks
Kari-Kari Alimentos is a Brazilian Snack food company
KDV Group OOO is a Russian company that produces confectionary products and snacks.
The Kellogg Company is a manufacturer of ready-to-eat cereal and convenience food products. The Kellogg Company acquired the Pringles business from P&G in 2012.
Largest manufacturer of chips and snacks in Austria. As of June 5, 2007 the company is part of Intersnack.
Quex Foods is a local food manufacturer, producing Kent Crisps in artisan fryers by hand from 100% Kent potatoes.
Kettle Foods Inc. is the manufacturer of Kettle Brand Potato Chips. The company was founded in 1978 in Salem (Oregon). In 1988 production was started in Norwich in the United Kingdom.
Kettle Foods Ltd is the European branch of the Kettle chips operation.