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Kolak Snack Foods Ltd

Kolak Snack Foods Ltd is a major private label manufacturer of savory snacks in the United Kingdom

KP Snacks

KP Snacks is one of the leading manufacturers of savory snacks in the United Kingdom

Mackle snacks

Mackle snacks is a manufacturer of popped rice snacks, extruded and pellet snacks

Pepsico UK

Pepsico employs 4500 people in the United Kingdom, divided over ten production locations. Pepsico UK's snack portfolio includes brands like Walkers, the nation’s favourite crisps, made from 100% British potatoes as well as snacks like Doritos, Wotsits, Monster Munch, and premium brand Pipers Crisps.

PepsiCo UK - Coventry

Pepsico's factory in Coventry is one of its biggest snacks manufacturing sites in the UK, producing a number of well-known brands including Doritos, SunBites, Squares, French Fries, Wotsits, and Monster Munch.

PepsiCo UK - Leicester

Pepsico's Leycroft Road (Leicester) manufacturing site is the world’s largest crisp factory producing millions of bags every day.

PepsiCo UK - Lincoln

Pepsico's factory in Lincoln is famous for the production of snack brands such as Quavers and Snaps. It’s been part of the PepsiCo family for nearly 80 years and is the Lean reference site for Snacks production in Europe.

PepsiCo UK - Skelmersdale

Pepsico's Skelmersdale manufacturing site is a key part of Walker's portfolio producing a wide range of snacks such as Snack-a-Jacks and Monster Munch.

Snack Creations

We are a word leader in the production of snack pellets. Focussing on innovation and quality, our products offer a distinct texture and crunch, and are available in a wide range of shapes. We are experts in healthy snacking, offering products made from lentil, chickpea, pea, corn, low salt and fat.

Tayto (Northern Ireland)

Tayto is a potato chip manufacturer in Northern Ireland. In 2006 Tayto acquired part of the Golden Wonder operations. In December 2007 Tayto acquired Sirhowy Valley Foods, the manufacturing company behind Real Crisps.


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