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Diversified Communications Australia

Our daily mission is to curate and share bright ideas, thinking, and innovation that creates business opportunities – for individuals, businesses, and industries – to succeed. We do this through a range of face-to-face events, digital products, and publications within select business industries.


Edgell has been growing and canning quality vegetables for over 80 years.

Mountain Harvest Foods

Passionately building business relationships across Australia to supply consumers with the most natural, great tasting and highest quality convenient food products - including some frozen potato specialties.

The Smith's Snackfood Company

The Smith's Snackfood Company in Australia is part of Pepsico and produces and sells a range of Frito-lay brands next to several local brands

University of Queensland (UQ)

The University of Queensland (UQ) is one of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions. We strive for excellence through the creation, preservation, transfer and application of knowledge.


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