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G.V. El Zamorano SA

G.V. El Zamorano SA is a Spanish company with a long history in the potato sector, focusing on the wholesale distribution of potatoes, onions and garlic.

Ibérica de Patatas

Iberian Potatoes; With more than half a century of experience, it enjoys a well-deserved prestige thanks to its way of understanding the market and anticipating its demands. The philosophy of Iberian Potatoes is based on the direct and exhaustive control of the quality of the potato.

MAS (Multigestion en Agroservicios. S.L.)

MAS (Multigestion en Agroservicios. S.L.) is a potato company in Spain, established in 1999. The company focuses on the production and export of early potatoes.

Nuestra Señora de Ocon Sociedad Cooperativa

Nuestra Señora de Ocon Sociedad Cooperativa is a Potato Producer from Spain <br/><br/>

Palacios Escutia S.L.

Palacios Escutia S.L. is a Spanish company dedicated to the production, exportation, and importation of fruits and vegetables since 1983.

Patatas Beltrán, S.L.

Patatas Beltrán specializes in the all-year-round production, confection, and commercialization of potato.

Patatas Gomez, SL

Patatas Gomez is a family business in Zaragoza that already has more than 50 years of experience in the world of potatoes over three generations.

Sevillana de Patatas

Sevillana de Patatas is a leader company in the management of production, processing, commercialization and distribution of early potato. During more than 45 years, our objective has been the satisfaction of our clients.

Udapa S.Coop

Udapa S.Coop was born 1993 with the intention to innovate to improve and professionalize production processes, management and marketing of fresh potatoes.


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