PEF treatment makes a preheater in French Fry production look, well... obsolete
May 02, 2018
Exclusively for PotatoPro readers we can now show you a video of the industrial application of a Pulsemaster Conditioner Pulsed Electric Field system at industrial scale, treating the full line load of potatoes (60 tons/hour) for a large French Fry line.
Pulsemaster makes conductivity measurement of potatoes to optimize PEF application easy
October 05, 2017
With Pulsed Electric Field Treatment increasingly replacing the traditional preheating step in potato processing, insight and quantification of the effect of the PEF treatment on the potato becomes more and more important. The Membrana by Pulsemaster makes conductivity measurements of untreated and treated potato easy to apply.
Dutch Potato Industry establishes Holland Innovative Potato (HIP) for major investment in research
September 26, 2017
Ten Dutch potato (processing) companies and two associations have established Holland Innovative Potato (HIP) to facilitate and coordinate joint pre-competitive research activities. A budget of € 4.5 million is available for the first research program of HIP.
Florigo launches a new continuous potato chip fryer with opti-flow technology
October 26, 2016
Florigo (a tna subsidiary) has announced the launch of a new continuous potato chip fryer that features patented opti-flow® technology for improved frying performance, the Conti-pro® PC 3
Pulsed Electric Field for French Fries and Chips: Quantify your benefits with Solidus
October 19, 2016
Pulsemaster's new Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) system Solidus can be used for the assessment of the effects of PEF on intact whole potatoes for the production of French Fries, chips (crisps) and potato specialties
Kiremko builds five snack pellet frying systems for Intersnack
June 20, 2016
As part of a negotiated framework agreement at corporate level, in the early part of 2014 Potato Processing Specialist Kiremko was awarded the honor of supplying five complete snack pellet frying systems for a number of Intersnack plants across Europe.
Diamond Foods Acquires Majority Interest in Yellow Chips
February 05, 2015
Diamond Foods, Inc. announced that it has acquired a 51% stake of Yellow Chips, a manufacturer of high quality vegetable and organic potato chips based in the Netherlands.
Kiremko Highflo Potato chips (crisps) blancher
November 12, 2014
The potato processing industry is always in motion and so is Kiremko. An ongoing process of innovating and developing of processing lines and machines.
Quick start-up of Kiremko Turn-key Snack Pellet line
May 19, 2014
Processing Equipment manufacturer Kiremko Food Processing Equipment delivered a 200 kg/h turn-key snack pellet line - including flavouring system - to one of its customers in Eastern Europe.
Florigo Superior R/K industrial fryer for potato chips
February 06, 2014
Florigo announced an innovative new design of an industrial fryer for regular and Kettle or Artisan Style potato chips (crisps), the 'Superior R/K' fryer