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Potato Storage Building

Carrot Ventures Launches Cellar Insights Inc. Remote Monitoring and Intelligence Platform for Potato Storage Management

juni 14, 2023
Carrot Ventures is announced the launch of Cellar Insights. It is the second company emerging from Carrot's AgTech company formation model.
Picketa Systems deploys new LENS™ tissue analysis system with CAD 1.4M Seed Round

Picketa Systems deploys new LENS™ potato plant tissue analysis system with CAD 1.4M Seed Round

mei 26, 2023
In a critical move towards advancing precision agriculture, AgTech startup Picketa Systems has successfully closed a CAD 1.445M (USD 1.059M) (Seed investment round. The funding will broaden the development and deployment of their real-time plant tissue analysis technology, called LENS™.
Agtech: Breaking down the farmer adoption dilemma

Agtech: Breaking down the farmer adoption dilemma

februari 14, 2023
Agriculture technology (Agtech) has an adoption challenge. There are multiple barriers to introduction and scaling from an industry perspective. An analysis by McKinsey.
Cofounder, Maxime Dumont Analyzing Nutrient Concentration Using LENS™

LENS™ fertilizer management tool offers real time insight in 13 nutrients in potato plants

november 16, 2022
Ag start-up Picketa Systems announces the release of their Leaf Evaluated-Nutrient System, LENS™. The LENS™ fertilizer management tool offers real time insight in 13 nutrients in potato plants.
Soiltech Wireless Completes USD 2.5M Funding Round to Increase Product Velocity and Advance Stability

Soiltech Wireless - provider of an affordable soil moisture sensor - completes USD 2.5M Funding Round

juli 23, 2022
Soiltech Wireless, a leader in remote crop monitoring and traceability from farm to transport and storage, has completed its seed funding round of USD 2.5 million. Homegrown Capital was the leader in this round along with Great North Ventures
McCain Foods Ltd. Invests in the Future of Farming, Acquires Predictive Crop Intelligence Technologies from Resson.

McCain Foods Limited strengthens its Predictive Crop Intelligence know-how with technology acquisition from Resson

juni 30, 2022
McCain Foods Limited has acquired the predictive crop intelligence portfolio from Resson, an analytics technology firm enhancing farming efficiency. Resson's vision-intelligence-based technologies leverage field.

Ceres Imaging Announces Integration Partnership with Probe Schedule

juni 23, 2022
Ceres Imaging, the precision farming analytics provider that helps farmers build more profitable and more sustainable operations, announced a new partnership with Probe Schedule
Dominic Levesque taking samples in Picketa customers’ potato fields to take back and analyze. (Courtesy: Picketa Systems)

Saving Time on Potato Plant Tissue Testing with Picketa

juni 14, 2022
Time is paramount when testing potato crops before spraying and fertilizer applications, which is what Picketa’s new product is all about. For their final engineering project, four University of New Brunswick students decided to help potato growers.
Picketa Systems raises CAD 300,000 to launch real-time plant sample analysis in the Atlantic Canadian potato industry

Picketa Systems raises CAD 300,000 to launch real-time plant sample analysis in the potato industry in Atlantic Canada

mei 02, 2022
New Brunswick agricultural technology company, Picketa Systems, closed their CAD 300,000 pre-seed investment round to deploy their innovative plant nutrient analysis and decision support system to the Atlantic Canadian potato industry.
A better understanding and awareness of tillage practices is going to be crucial for growers as environmental concerns continue to move towards center stage.

Improve Tillage Practices: Important Questions to Examine

januari 17, 2022
Tillage gets a bad reputation. The truth is, no single method of tillage practice is 'bad', as long as it is done mindfully, timely, and with purpose. Look for precision agriculture solutions and the right equipment to meet your tillage goals


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