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Egyptian processing potatoes were the main source for European factories from February to May

Egyptian processing potatoes were an important source for European factories from February to May

november 30, 2023
Yassen Abdelhay, export advisor at Arafa Group, reports on the crucial period for European factories from February to May 2023, and how Egyptian producers played a key role during this phase.
Fresh potatoes

Potato export from Egypt to the European Union is up in 2023

juli 17, 2023
This year Egyptian potato exports to the EU market are expected to reach at least three-year high.
Raw Purple sweet potato.

Egypt is strengthening its position in the Dutch sweet potato market

juli 13, 2023
Egypt continues to hold the position of the second biggest supplier of sweet potatoes to the Dutch market and is increasing its export of sweet potatoes to the Netherlands year after year.
Yassen Abdelhay

Are potatoes from Egypt a solution for the potato shortage in Europe?

mei 18, 2023
This year is marked by strong demand and insufficient supply of potatoes, a situation that professionals of the industry and media go so far as to call 'the global potato shortage'.
New markets for Egyptian exporters

Las patatas egipcias obtienen buenos resultados en el mercado español

mei 17, 2023
Este año se ha caracterizado por cambios en el clima mundial que han trastocado las producción de patatas y provocado alteraciones en los canales de aprovisionamiento.
Egypt potatoes exported to Southeast Asia

Egypt exported a record volume of potatoes to Southeast Asia in 2022

april 10, 2023
By the end of 2022, Egypt exported a record volume of potatoes to the countries of Southeast Asia, EastFruit reports. Indonesia remained the main destination for their supply, and exports more than doubled last year.
Ensayo de salinidad en Egipto

Ensayo de salinidad en Egipto: una variedad de patata resistente a los altos niveles de salinidad del agua

maart 08, 2023
El obtentor de patatas y exportador de semillas holandés HZPC ha completado un ensayo de salinidad en Egipto con la cosecha organizada a finales de enero.
The Pemba (?) variety, imports amounted to 1800 tons

Egypt imported 131 thousand tons of seed potato and 25 thousand tons of potato products (French Fries and Chips)

januari 18, 2022
Sources revealed to Al-Mal that 131 thousand tons of potato seeds arrived from European facilities approved for import from last October until early January, for 76 approved varieties.
Egypt's potato exports hit 674K tons: Agriculture official

Egypt Potato exports at 674K tons

september 04, 2020
Egypt has exported a total of 674,480 tons of potatoes to world market, especially the European Union countries, since April 2020, according to Head of Central Administration of Plant Quarantine at the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Ahmed al-Attar.
PepsiCo Egypt and USAID Initiative Garners Increase in Potato Harvest.

PepsiCo Egypt and USAID support potato farmers to increase productivity

februari 11, 2020
For the past year, PepsiCo Egypt has been working to empower Egyptian farmers by supporting them through training programs aimed at providing them with stronger technical know-how and other skills to improve efficiency and productivity.


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