North Carolina is not one of the major potato producing states.

North Carolina is the top sweet potato growing state in the US. In 2018, 55% of the acreage used for sweet potato cultivation in the United States is located in North Carolina.

US sweet potato production and per capita availability 2007-2015
(Courtesy: USDA - ERS)

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The counties in North Carolina where potato and sweet potato cultivation is concentrated
(Courtesy: North Carolina State University)

Agricultural Statistics North Carolina
Potato Production in 2016 :2992.00(000) cwtAll seasons
Potato Production in 2016 :2992.00(000) cwtSummer only
Potato Yield in 2016 :220.00cwt/acreAll seasons
Potato Yield in 2016 :220.00cwt/acreSummer only
Potato Price at Producer in 2016 :10.90USD/cwtAll seasons
Potato Area Harvested in 2015 :12700.00acresSpring only
Potato Area Harvested in 2015 :12700.00acresAll seasons