Aardappeldemodag 2024

In person only

Every two years, Wageningen University & Research, Westmaas location, the Dutch Potato Organization (NAO) and the Association for the Potato Processing Industry (VAVI) organize the Aardappeldemodag or commonly called as Organisation Potato Demo Day.

The Potato Demo Day is the meeting place for potato knowledge and focuses on the entire potato chain. Growers, traders, processors and many other companies active in the potato sector at home and abroad come to the Potato Demonstration Day in Westmaas to meet each other and inform each other about the latest developments.


In the current potato market, we experience that there is an increasing need for knowledge and depth and we want to respond to this with the new format of Potato Demonstration Day.

This means that we have started thinking about a new format for the Potato Demonstration Day. Developing new components, but also saying goodbye to some familiar components, namely the mechanization park, the harvesting demonstrations and the unloading lines.

The surface area is becoming smaller, but the substantive program is being expanded considerably and the meeting place remains! read more 

The upcoming edition for Aardappeldemodag (Organisation Potato Demo Day) on August 21, 2024 in Westmaas!

Aftermovie Aardappeldemodag 2022

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