Potato Days Turkey 2020

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Potato Days Turkey is the only specialized exhibiton for potato production in Turkey. First edition was launched on 22-24 August 2019 in Konya – Turkey. Exhibiton brought leading companies from seed, fertilizer, crop protection, machinery, equipment etc, with 5000- expected trade visitors and potato producers.

Exhibitor companies presented their latest products on trial plots and machines in action on the machinery demonstration area. Expertise and exchange know-how…

Producers and suppliers for:

  • Potato seed varieties, seed importers
  • Soil additives
  • Seed cleaning and cutting technology
  • Seed treatment agents
  • Row independent and row dependent soil cultivators
  • Bed forming and stone and clod separation technology
  • Cup and belt planting machinery
  • Drip, sprinkler, pivot, flood irrigation technology
  • Field monitoring, plant scouting and drone technology
  • Plant protection+fertilisers+ application machinery
  • Harvest preparation: haulm desiccation machinery, chemical desiccants
  • Harvest machinery: windrower, 1-3 row trailed harvesters
  • Field transport +field pre-cleaning technology (if commonly used)
  • Handling equipment: grading technology, stone and clod separators, conveyors & belt elevators, store loaders, pick-up loaders, box fillers, bags
  • Storage: traditional and cold storage
  • Sorting, washing, drying, packaging technology

Additional exhibitors:



  • Potato processors
  • Cultivation consultants, extension services, processors as consultants
  • Documentation and agricultural software
  • Agriculture unions, associations, traders, marketing
  • Universities, agricultural research institutes