Snaxpo 2008

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SNAXPO 2008, the 71st annual exhibition and conference of the Snack Food Association will take place March 1-4 in San Antonio, Tex., where snack food industry executives will gather for the world’s largest trade show created specifically for the snack food industry.

“This is a chance to give your business a Texas-style kick into high gear,” says SFA President &CEO Jim McCarthy. “They say everything is bigger in Texas, and when SNAXPO 2008 convenes next March, we aim to prove it.”

SNAXPO 2008, the world's premiere event for the international snack food industry, will be here soon!  Only at SNAXPO can you network with key snack food manufacturers from around the world and see leading industry suppliers and the latest innovations in snack food manufacturing technology-all under one roof, including:

  • Production equipment such as fryers, baking ovens, extruders, roasters, sorters, and conveyors; 
  • Packaging equipment, including packaging films, converters, labelling equipment and form/fill/seal equipment;
  • Raw materials and food ingredients such as potatoes, corn and other grains, pellets, meat snack products, oils, and nut products;
  • New flavors and seasonings and other food ingredients;
  • Waste-water and oil treatment systems, filtering systems and energy recovery systems;
  • Third-party service providers of safety training and equipment, distribution and logistics services;
  • Expert industry consultants;

And much more.