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PotatoPro makes extensive use of Social Media. Our Social Media activity is focused on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, although we do have a presence on additional platforms.

We really appreciate it if you connect with us on one or more of these platforms!


Click on this image to follow PotatoPro on Twitter

PotatoPro has over 10.000 followers on Twitter.

Every news item we post on the website is also posted on Twitter. In addition, we Retweet several other posts related to the potato industry.


Click on this image to join the PotatoPro on LinkedIn Group

PotatoPro manages a LinkedIn Group, "PotatoPro - Potato Industry discussion group".

With 4500+ members, this is the largest LinkedIn group focused specifically on potatoes and potato processing.

We post items sparingly as not to overload the audience. Priority is given to items with a (food) business angle.

Increasingly we use the personal profile of the founder of PotatoPro, Paul van Eijck (5900+ connections), as it offers benefits compared to posting in a group. You are invited to connect.

Facebook (Page)

Click on this image to like PotatoPro on Facebook

PotatoPro has a Page on Facebook, with over 2150 likes. Priority is given to 'local' items and items related to potato that might interest a more general audience.


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Brand New! PotatoPro just added Instagram to its Social Media presence. Join in!
Followers 200+
Last updated in July 2019

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