GEA SmartPacker CX400
    GEA SmartPacker's continuous film transport system ensures optimal tracking for high-speed operation
    Mini Pom'Churros
    The Mini Pom’Churros revisit the traditional sweet Spanish churros, but this time in a salty variant, based on a slightly seasoned mash made from flavourful Bintje potatoes.
    Simon's Steam'R
    Selfpropelled soil disinfection machine with steam 'Steam'R'
    Flo-Mech Flo-Filter® Oil
    Flo-Mech Flo-Filter® Oil: Continuous Frying Oil Filtration (& Management)
    Wyma Bunker
    Wyma's Bunker is a dry hopper. It receives and stores produce for automatic, controlled delivery to your processing line. Each Bunker can hold up to 50t of produce with small amounts of dirt and clods.
    Wyma Gooseneck Box Filler
    Wyma's Gooseneck Bin Filler gently fills bins with produce. The gooseneck outfeed means the distance between the end of the elevator and the bottom of the bin is minimal to avoid produce damage.
    Dewulf MF 15x Receiving hopper filler for belt trailers
    With an MF 15x receiving hopper filler, you can quickly unload the product from a belt trailer into a receiving hopper. You can easily position an 800 mm wide, continuously adjustable supply conveyor below the belt of a belt trailer.
    Insort Sherlock AIR
    The sophisticated precision Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) of this sorter means the Sherlock AIR delivers high quality optical
    sorting for all small food products.
    Kiremko PeelGuard
    The PeelGuard collects data on the peeled product such as size, defects and peel removed and can also optimize the settings of the steampeeler
    Emsland Group - Empure® ES 300
    Empure® ES 300 is a clean label starch, an excellent gelling agent, and texturizer, mainly used for the confectionery industry.