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Odyssey steam peeler
The Odyssey steam peeler incorporates TOMRA's control software, an enlarged steam peeling vessel, and a weigh hopper.
Kiremko Potato Sorter
Potato Sorter
With the Kiremko Potato Sorter you will be able to sort peeled potatoes using their diameter.
Food Pump
The Pomac CP-AGF program comprises a range of stainless steel pumps, suited for pumping potatoes, vegetables and fruits, without damaging them.
Fin Aligner
The patented Tummers Food Processing Solutions Aligner for cutting potatoes and tubers can be incorporated into any water-cutting system. The aligner ensures that a tuber is perfectly centered and aligned for cutting.
Frying Systems for Nuts
The Rosenqvists Nut frying systems are suitable for all types of nuts and seeds. The fryer is excellent for coated nuts. Depending on the final product, the frying system is equipped with a suitable type of belt
tna robag® 3ci TX series
robag® 3ci TX series
A vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) food packaging machine capable of packing up to 150 bpm*, the tna robag® TX 3ci is their original, trusted system.
tna accura-dry® BD 3
accura-dry® BD 3
Ferguson accura-dry® BD 3 is a drying solution, removing moisture from French fries before frying.
tna intelli-flav® CLO 3
intelli-flav® CLO 3
The tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 oil and flavour spray system enables the accurate application of oil and injected flavour – or just oil – requiring no mixing tanks and leaving minimal flavour residue.
Fresh Mash Line
Idaho Steel is active worldwide in designing, producing and installing complete processing lines, factory upgrades and individual machines for potato specialties.
Hydro-cutting lines
Tummers Food Processing Solutions is the biggest player in hydro cutting technology in Europe. An extensive range of typical Tummers Food Processing Solutions standard equipment is available, while layout and details are custom designed.


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