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STRATA Invicta
STRATA Invicta®
The STRATA Invicta® sets the new standard in steam peeling systems, offering the highest yield at the shortest possible cycle times.
Flo-Mech feed elevator is manufactured from RHS stainless steel. Blue modular flighted belt with an integrated C.I.P system to clean belt and sprockets.
Continuous Peeler
Flo-Mech's continuous abrasive potato peeler machine can process up to approximately 6 tonnes of potatoes per hour. Each roller in the potato peeling machine is driven separately.
tna intelli-flav® CLO 3
intelli-flav® CLO 3
The tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 oil and flavour spray system enables the accurate application of oil and injected flavour – or just oil – requiring no mixing tanks and leaving minimal flavour residue.
tna quik-coat® MD 5
quik-coat® MD 5
tna quik-coat® MD 5 is the ultimate mandrel dispensing unit that applies a variety of free flowing ingredients consistently onto the top of products passing underneath. The tna quik-coat® MD 5 is custom configured for width and ingredients.
Food Pump
The Pomac CP-AGF program comprises a range of stainless steel pumps, suited for pumping potatoes, vegetables and fruits, without damaging them.
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tna ultra-clean® WT 3
ultra-clean® WT 3
Florigo ultra-clean® WT 3 removes clay shells, sand and soil from potatoes and other root vegetables without damaging them.
tna quik-coat® MLS 3
quik-coat® MLS 3
The tna quik-coat® MLS 3 is a volumetric main-line seasoning (MLS) system that continuously and accurately coats a variety of snacks products moving at a fixed rate through the production line.
tna conti-pro® DAL 3
tna conti-pro® DAL 3
Florigo conti-pro® DAL 3 is a continuous dal frying system that features a product transport system that increases product quality while reducing product loss.
DirectDrive System
The DirectDrive™ System (DDS™) spiral technology from Intralox is a flexible, low-energy solution to increase efficiency in can-making plants that functions both single- and bi-directionally.


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