Wyma Floating Debris Remover
Wyma's Floating Debris Remover is designed to sit above the tank of a Wet Hopper and prevent floating debris from clogging downstream equipment.
Dewulf Kwatro Xtreme Sieving Harvester
For growers who plant in 4 x 90 cm or grow crops – such as potatoes - in beds of 1800 mm,
Dewulf has developed the Kwatro Xtreme. This harvester features a 3.6 m harvesting unit.
Marcelissen Drum Knifepeeler
At Marcelissen we improved our "tested as the best" Knifepeeler even more.
How we did this? Stop by our booth and we are happy to inform you.
Wyma Evenflow
Wyma's Evenflow Hopper is a combination conveyor and hopper. It evenly supplies produce to the next piece of equipment in your line (in a continuous process). It converts an irregular infeed supply to a constant outfeed flow.
Wyma Vertical Box and Bag Filler
Wyma's Vertical Bin & Bag Filler is the perfect choice for gentle produce handling when filling bins or bags. The deelevator lowers and stops just before it reaches the bottom of a bin or bag.
Vanmark Water Reclamation System
The Water Reclamation System recirculates process water from Vanmark’s Peeler/Scrubber/Washers – reducing water usage up to 90%.
Xcalibur is a unique and innovative optical sorting machine and has proven its unique skills at a leading European French fries producer
Mooij Agro Croptimiz-r Storage Computer
Mooij Agro introduces a revolution in storage climate control with the Croptimiz-r.
Potato Handbook (English version)
This book on potatoes in clear language, complete (588 pages) and up-to-date (2018) is written by renowned potato scientist Anton Haverkort. It makes you an instant expert on all aspects of potato cultivation, potato storage and much more...
BluePrint Automation Collator 200
The BluePrint Automation Collator 200 stacks and accumulates bags and other flexible packages vertically for hand packer. Ideal for snack food bags such as potato chips, pretzels and other flexible packages.