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tna - Florigo hot washing system thermo-wash® HW 3
Florigo hot washing system thermo-wash® HW 3
Florigo thermo-wash® HW 3 is a solution for the lowering of sugar content of potato slices when the sugar content is high in your potatoes or other products for frying.
Twin Auger Cooker
Twin Auger Cooker
The Idaho Steel Twin Auger Cooker is one of the company's most versatile and proven processing line components. This stainless steel unit cooks high volumes of potato evenly for a high-quality finished product.
Keyhole Blancher
Keyhole Blancher
The Keyhole Blanchers is a heated system which moves product through at an adjustable rate depending on process needs. The steam system heats the water to a desired temperature for the type of product being processed.
DTS - Industrial Potato Blanchers
Potato Blanchers
Screw blanchers: our ultimate specialization
DTS - Industrial potato steamers
Potato Steamers
Screw conveyor steamers with overpressure technique
FoodeQ Belt Cooker/Blancher
Belt Cooker/Blancher
The engineers of FoodeQ design and build belt cookers/blanchers in all sorts and sizes for a broad range of products. Customized to meet the customer’s requirements and to fit seamlessly in existing and new lines of production.


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