O’Donnells Crisps is an potato chips manufacturer from Ireland
OK-Snacks is a Danish manufacturer of savory snacks. OK Snacks factories are located in Ejstrupholm and Søndersø.
Old Dutch Foods is a manufacturer of Chips and Snacks. Today Old Dutch runs 6 chips factories, 4 in Canada and 2 in the United States (Minnesota).
Old Vienna, LLC. is a potato chips manufacturer from Missouri, famous for making Red Hot Riplets® Hot Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips.
Olde York Potato Chips is a Canadian based organization that has been manufacturing potato chips since 1987 with production facilities in Brampton, Ontario and Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Ole Ole Foods Industries is a supplier of Halal Food focused on Halal snacks based in Malaysia.
Orion was established in 1956. It is one of the four biggest food companies in Korea. Orion invested more than $50m to set up two branches, one in Guangzhou and one in Shanhai.
Orion is a manufacturer of snacks and confectionery in South Korea
Outstanding Foods is the company behind Pig Out plant based 'meat' snacks