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Valeo Foods is a fast growing food company based in Ireland offering a wide range of food products. The company acquired Kettle Foods Ltd in 2019 from Csmpbell Soups
Vallucas is an artisan Potato Chip manufacturer in Cantabria, Spain
Venkataramana Food Specialities Ltd. (SM Foods) is an Indian Snack Food Company
Starting manufacturer of kettle chips in Argentina.
Vin mart Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of potato crisps in Tanzania. Vin mart sells potato crisps using the brand name Jingles
Vintage Italia, a Florida (US) based company is the manufacturer of Pasta Chips, a baked snack inspired by Italy’s baked fresh pasta
Viva la Papa! produces delicious potato chips, cooked in small batches by hand using potatoes and flavours from the birthplace of the potato, Peru
VMF (Van Marcke Foods) Continental Snacks is a Dutch family owned business specialized in the production of snack pellets. The company also sells vacuum fried vegetable/potato snacks, sold under the brand Marckz Natural Chips as well as private label brands.