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W.T. Hawkins Inc (Cheezies)

W.T. Hawkins Inc is the Canadian snack food manufacturer producing the extruded 'cheesy' corn snack Cheezies.

Wachusett potato chip Co.

Wachusett potato chip company in Fitchburg, Massachusetts has been acquired by Utz Snack Food Co.


Walkers is the market leader in the UK. The company is part of the Pepsico/Frito-Lay concern. Brand names include sensations, wotsits, potato heads, Doritos, Sunbites and quavers.

Waltson Chips

Waltson Chips is a potato chip producer from Belgium.


Warburtons is a family baking business in the United Kingdom with a few savoury snack SKU's.

Warnock Food Products

Family owned and operated, Warnock Food Products has been making quality snacks for over 30 years.

Water Gardens Confections, LLC

Water Gardens Confections produces ready-to-eat popcorn you'll want to eat in a movie theater and salty & sweet kettle corn varieties.

Waves Potato Chips

Waves is new wider cut crinkled potato chip manufactured by the Egypt Foods Group that gives a new crunchiness experience and is available in new and innovative flavors.

West Virginia Potato Chip Company LLC (Mister Bee)

West Virginia Potato Chip Company LLC, the manufacturer of Mister Bee potato chips, is the only potato chip manufacturer in West Virginia


Wholesums is a brand of Fresh Veg Popped Chips made from whole carrots, whole peas and whole potatoes.


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