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Yamayoshi Seika Kk

Yamayoshi Seika Kk is a savory snack manufacturer in Japan

Yarra Valley Snack Foods

Yarra Valley Snack Foods is the leading manufacturer of organic snack foods in Australia.

Yellow Chips

Yellow Chips is a manufacturer of organic chips, vegetable chips and hand-fried chips in the Netherlands

Yoyo Foods Limited (Yoyo Fun Snacks)

Yoyo Foods is a young and upcoming Zambian snack food manufacturing company.

Yum Yum Potato Chips

Yum Yum Potato Chips (Croustilles Yum Yum) is a chips manufacturer from Quebec, Canada

Yumsh Snacks Ltd

Yumsh Snacks Ltd is a UK Snack Manufacturer making Ten Acre Handcooked potato crisps and Ten Acre hand picked popcorn

Yunnan Angel Food Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Lishi Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Lishi Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is a Halal food company. Its main products are “Mulula” brand potato chips and highland beef products. The company has obtained certificates of QS, HACCP and ISO9001.


Yupi is a manufacturer of potato chips and extruded snacks in Colombia


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