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Dutch Potato Processing Association (DPPA or VAVI)

The Dutch Potato Processing Industry (Vereniging voor de Aardappelverwerkende Industrie) represents the Dutch Potato Processing Industry (french fries, dehydrated potato products)

GMV (Dutch Association of Manufacturers of Machinery for Food Processing and Packaging)

GMV is the Dutch Association of Manufacturers of Machinery for Food Processing and Packaging.

Holland Innovative Potato

Holland Innovative Potato (HIP) is a Dutch organisation of potato companies established to facilitate and coordinate joint pre-competitive research

Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (NAO)

The Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (NAO; Dutch Potato Organisation) represents the interests of the Dutch potato sector, including the seed potato industry, the table potato industry and the sector producing potatoes for processing. 

Nederlandse Akkerbouw Vakbond

The Nederlandse Akkerbouw Vakbond is an organization representing the interest of dutch farmers.

North-western European Potato Growers (NEPG)

Association of potato growers in Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany.

Verenigde Telers Akkerbouw (VTA)

The Dutch farmers association Verenigde Telers Akkerbouw (VTA) which translates into "United Arable Farmers" represent the interest of arable farmers in the Netherlands

World Potato City Emmeloord

World Potato City Emmeloord is a ‘one stop shop’ for all those who are actively engaged in the potato sector and that is unique in the world.


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