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Agrofirma «Hail To Potato»

The «Hail to potato» company is a large seed-production farm which specializes in production of seed and ware potato using modern technologies and provides consultations on seed potato cropping.


Agronico is a vertically integrated seed potato producer in Australia (Tasmania)

Aksentis LLC

The construction of Aksentis LLC began in February 2012 in an open field. Having started work with ware potatoes, the company is now changing its specialization, focusing on the production of seed.

Bhatti Agritech

Bhatti Agritech is a leading seed potato producer based in Punjab (India) and it is established in 1965. The company produces 30,000 tonnes of seed potato annually during winter season.

Chengde YongFeng Seeds Co., Ltd.

The headquarter of Chengde YongFeng Seeds Co., Ltd. covers an area of 20 ha. The company has 38 sets of large-scale irrigation facilities.

Cullen Allen Ltd

Cullen Allen is one of the longest established potato businesses in the UK, specialising in production and marketing of seed potatoes from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Cygnet PB

Cygnet PB is Britain's biggest potato breeder and one of the largest seed potato growers in the country.

EFC Plants

EFC Plants is a French-Egyptian company that produces minitubers and Potato Microfibers.

Gansu Tianrun Potato Industry Co., Ltd.

Gansu Tianrun Potato Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the wholly owned subsidiaries Potential Opportunities for Potato Industry’s Development in China Based on Selected Companies 26 of Gansu Yasheng Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.

Guyuan County Tuda Potato Planting Co., Ltd.

Guyuan County Tuda Potato Planting Co., Ltd. has 1,000 m2 of greenhouse, 6.7 ha of net house, and 200 ha of field for seed multiplication. It can produce 8m plantlets, 15m minitubers, and 6,000 t of basic seeds annually.


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