The Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) of Chile is the state agency for agricultural research and development. It is the main agricultural research institution in Chile, with more than 50 years of experience.
National Institute of Seeds (INASE) objective is to promote an efficient activity of production and commercialization of seeds, to ensure to the agrarian producer the identity and quality of the seed that they acquire and to protect the property of the phytogenetic creations.
The National University of Colombia is a center where not only different and often contradictory currents of thought converge, but also urban expressions that accentuate its character as representative of the Colombian nation.
Spanish manufacturer of fresh, peeled and cut potato products.
Neiker-Tecnalia, the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, is a nonprofit state-owned company assigned to the Department of Environment, Regional Planning, Agriculture and fisheries of the Basque Government.
New Holland Chips Ltd. is a producer of freshcut and pre-fried potato products located in Kenya, in the state Laikipia.
New Mexico State University is paying attention to potatoes as part of the NMSU Extension vegetable program
The National Institute of Agricultural Botany more commonly known as NIAB is to provide independent science-based research and information to support, develop and promote agriculture and horticulture;

Nonni's Foods Company produces products in the specialty cookie, snack crackers and chip categories.   In the savory snack category Nonni's Food Company offers New York Style branded Pita Chips and Risotto Chips
The NC State University operates an extensive sweet potato breeding and genetics program. In addition, the NCSU participates in the collaborative Eastern Potato Variety Development Projects