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DFM Foods Ltd

DFM Foods ltd is a pioneer in the Indian snack foods market. The company introduced CRAX Corn Rings in 1984.

Euro India Fresh Food Limited

Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd is an Indian snack food and beverages manufacturer. Creating the freshest snacks of the highest quality is a mantra we abide by.

Gee Pee food products Ltd

Gee Pee food products Ltd is an Indian manufacturer of chips, sold using the Pogo brand.

Just My Favourite Foods Pvt Ltd

Just My Favourite Foods Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of Roasted Snacks in India

MTR Foods

MTR Foods is an Indian Food Processor offering consumers in India and beyond authentic Indian Vegetarian meals and dishes, including a range of authentic savory snacks.

Nanaji Namkeen Udyog Pvt Ltd

Nanaji Namkeen, established in the year 1975, is a traditional namkeen and sweets producing company in India catering to the masses largely in Delhi, Rajasthan and even South India.


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