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Burts Potato Chips

Burts Chips is a manufacturer of hand cooked potato chips in the United Kingdom

Darling Spuds

Darling Spuds are potato chips (crisps) from the United Kingdom offered by the creators of Salty Dog, Judy and Dave Willis.

Kolak Snack Foods Ltd

Kolak Snack Foods Ltd is a major private label manufacturer of savory snacks in the United Kingdom

Metcalfe's skinny Ltd

Metcalfe's skinny Ltd is the manufacturer of Metcalfe's skinny Popcorn, Popcorn Crisps, Corn'ers & Corncakes

Salty Dog

Salty Dog make premium nuts and hand fried crisps with flavours that bite back.

Tyrrells Potato Chips

Tyrrell's Potato Chips is a manufacturer of hand cooked potato crisps in the United Kingdom.

Yumsh Snacks Ltd

Yumsh Snacks Ltd is a UK Snack Manufacturer making Ten Acre Handcooked potato crisps and Ten Acre hand picked popcorn