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Südstärke GmbH - Schrobenhausen

Südstärke GmbH - Schrobenhausen is one of the two potato starch factories of Südstärke GmbH.

Südstärke GmbH - Sünching

Südstärke GmbH - Sünching is one of the two potato starch plants of Südstärke GmbH.

TechSci Research

TechSci Research is a research-based management consulting firm providing market research and advisory solutions to its customers worldwide, spanning a range of industries.

Tereos Syral

Tereos Syral processes maize, wheat, potato and cassava to manufacture a wide range of value added products in compliance with the current and future requirements of various industries. Tereos Syral is a major European producer of starch and derivatives.

The Ton Potato Agri-Business

The Ton Potato Agribusiness is a provider of innovative agricultural produce from local and international business markets relative to potato products.


Vimal PPCE

Vimal PPCE is a potato starch manufacturer located in the Ukraine

Western Polymer Corp.

Western Polymer Corporation (WPC) of Moses Lake, Washington, is the largest wet-end cationic potato starch supplier to the paper industry in the U.S. Northwest. In addition, WPC supplies and services paper mills throughout the United States.

Western Polymer Corporation - Fort Fairfield

Western Polymer Corporation potato starch production facility in Fort Fairfield, Maine

Western Polymer Corporation - Grand Forks

Western Polymer Corporation potato starch production facility in Grand Forks, North Dakota


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