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Dewulf is a leading global player and manufacturerof agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops.


Dacom provides products and services to arable farmers including a management system for insects and diseases (including Phytophthora for potatoes), irrigation and fertilization management.   

Daigle, Fermes F.C. Inc.

Daigle, Fermes F.C. is a potato grower from New Brunswick, Canada.

Daly Potato Co.

The Daly’s have been growing potatoes on the pristine South-East Coast of Tasmania for over 30 years. Overlooking Marion Bay, the farm enjoys perfect conditions – sandy soils, rain, and sunshine.

Danespo A/S

DANESPO A/S is the leading company in the field of breeding and producing quality seed and ware potatoes in Northern Europe.

Daxinganlin Xingjia Seed Co., Ltd.

Daxinganling Xingjia Seed Industry Co., Ltd. is an export oriented Chinese seed potato company.

De Aardappelhoeve

De Aardappelhoeve is a family business specialized in the growing, washing and packing of table potatoes.

Delby Commerce

Delby Commerse is a food shipment compnay based out of Germany.

Den Hartigh

Den Hartigh is a Dutch supplier of seed potatoes, specialized in global distribution

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE)

The vision of the Department of Agricultural Extension is to provide eco-friendly, safe, climate resilient, sustainable productive good agricultural practices and sustaining natural resources to ensure food security as well as commercial agriculture with a view to accelerating socio-economic development of the country.

Deprez Construct

Deprez Construct NV is a manufacturer of equipment for internal transport of several goods, including potatoes.


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